A fifty-seven minute video documentary made in Provincetown about LIVING with AIDS. Produced and directed by Roberta Pyzel.

Shooting Stars is an intimate portrait of eight men in group therapy. With candidness and courage, humor and love for each other, they reveal dimensions of AIDS at its most intense levels, as well as its effect on their basic day-to-day lives.

“The great value of Shooting Stars” lies in its unsentimental, humane, surprisingly humorous, and deeply touching illustration of the benefit of being involved in an AIDS support group. The basic premise is that gay men who have battled AIDS for the past 13 years have become teachers on how to live with this illness. Shooting Stars is not a highly polished production, a look – when combined with the candid honesty of the men in the group - that conveys the feeling that the viewer is also a member of the group.” -  A & U

“This lively and honest video documents eight PWAs during their Wednesday therapy sessions in Provincetown, Massachusetts. The men discuss multiple losses, memorial services, dating, anger, love, sex and changes in their bodies.” -  Poz Picks

“The painful honesty captured in the film is effectively brought forth as [it] flip-flops between normal, day-to-day issues and the complexities heaped upon the men by AIDS…From concerns about their physical appearance to questions about dating and sex, the men honestly shared their insecurities, concerns, and most noticeably, strengths…Most members of the group agreed that being diagnosed with AIDS was like a ‘wake-up call.’ ‘It makes you finally deal with living.’” The Provincetown Advocate

“We wholeheartedly endorse the production. It can serve as an avenue for the mental health professional to better understand the issues and challenges faced by long-term AIDS survivors. To the survivor, it can serve as a positive look forward to  help eliminate the fear surrounding the progression of the disease. Thank you for your sensitive portrayal of the group.” – Connecticut Positive Action Coalition, an organization for and by people living with HIV and AIDS

“Shooting Stars has universal significance. It leads the viewer to sense his or her own mortality [and to experience] profound feelings of appreciation for life.”The Cape Codder

2006© Act II Productions, Inc.



“A touching profile.”

New York Native

Shooting Stars moves you so deeply into these men’s souls, the barriers between gay and straight, health and disease are broken down.

Shooting Stars challenges and inspires all of us to examine the precious gift of life. It draws the viewer into the circle of heroic humanness as it really is: frightened, vulnerable, mortal, but also deeply powerful and utterly beautiful. 

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