A feature documentary.

This passionate examination of activism past and present, weaves together in-depth interviews with journalists, authors, film actors, performance artists...and ordinary people of all ages, races and religions. The film is driven by cutting edge humor and a powerful musical score.

Dancin’ in the Streets challenges all of us to face our own inner fears and to use our power to change the world!            Click here for more info


A documentary portraying the beautiful, shining spirit of eight long-term AIDS survivors.

In their weekly group therapy sessions, these men share their most intimate and painful moments. Their honesty and rawness breaks down the barriers between gay and straight, living and dying.

Millions of people across the globe are HIV+, and the numbers continue to increase. Although treatments for AIDS have improved, there still is no cure for this devastating disease.

Tragically, improved medications have created a false sense of security: risky sexual behaviors and consequent HIV infections are increasing, especially in young, urban populations, both straight and gay.

This film is a tribute to the immense possibilities that exist when we dare to open our most secret inside selves to one another and learn to love.

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A biography of the “Malcolm X” of the women’s movement, author of eleven books, and one of the driving forces behind the feminist movement of the 60s and 70s. In a series of candid interviews conducted during the last year of her life, Andrea reflects on her work, her dreams, the meaning of sexuality, feminism, violence and the courage that drove her forward through great triumphs and disappointments.


A portrait of four non-violent drug offenders who are currently serving 25-75 year sentences in Federal Prison. An examination of the tragedy of wasted lives and resources in our penal system/ a forceful argument for reform.



A native of New York City, Ms. Pyzel has a degree in filmmaking from NYU-SCE and has worked extensively in various theatrical venues (St. Mark’s Church, P.S. 122, the Kitchen, Dance Theater Workshop, Manhattan Theater Club...) She has worked as a videographer for numerous television programs and documentary films.

Founder/director of Dragon Rising Productions and Act II Productions, Inc.

Ms. Pyzel produced, directed and edited “Shooting Stars,” a 57-minute documentary about living with AIDS and is currently co-producing/directing “Dancin’ In the Streets.”

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